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6-Pack - 3.5" Hard Drive Caddy KG1CH X968D with 2.5" HDD Adapter

6-Pack - 3.5" Hard Drive Caddy KG1CH X968D with 2.5" HDD Adapter

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  • README FIRST: The same PowerEdge server type can have two different sizes of the drive bay.  Your server HAS TO HAVE 3.5 inches Hot-Plug Drive Bay. This 3.5 inch Drive caddy supports 3.5-inch hard drives and with a 2.5-inch converter also 2.5-inch hard drives. Check that your PowerEdge Server or Drive Array is LISTED and supported.
  • SUPPORTED 3.5 inch MODELS: PowerEdge 14th Generation T340, T440, T640; PowerEdge 13th Generation R230, R330, T330, R430, T430, R530, T630, R730, R730xd, R930, XC430, XC730, XC730xd; PowerEdge 12th Generation R320, T320, R420, T420, R520, T620, R720, R720XD; PowerEdge 11th Generation R310, T310, R410, R415, T410, R510, R515, T610, R710, T710; PowerVault MD3600, MD3400, MD3200, NX3000, MD1200, MD1400
  • WHY WORKDONE: We provide Assistance, Support, and the Branded products you need to get your work done.
  • LEARN MORE: Get our FREE eBook that troubleshoots 5 of the most common issues when adding hard drives to your server. Tablet/PC and Smartphone versions available to help you learn more about 3.5 drive caddy installations and Dell server hard drive caddy configurations.
  • 4-YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY:  Compatibility with PowerEdge and PowerVault array part numbers KG1CH, X968D, F238F; NON-OEM/NON-ORIGINAL ACCESSORY PART