How to ensure 3.5 inch Hard Drive a Smooth Installation? Check that your PowerEdge Server or Drive Array is listed and supported. Your Dell server has to have 3.5 inches Hot-Plug Drive Bay This 3.5 inch Drive caddy supports only 3.5-inch hard drives. Please, contact us if you are not sure.

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Is Your Drive Bay or Hard Drive Simply the Wrong Size?

The two most common hard drive sizes are 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch. 1.8-inch hard drives are also available for some server models. That’s the physical size of the drive – how big they are when you hold them in your hands, not their internal capacity. When you pick up a Dell brochure and see “8 x 2.5-inch bay,” that means that server can hold eight 2.5-inch hard drives. So, don’t try to install 3.5-inch hard drives.