0Y796F Compatible
12-Pack - 3.5" Hard Drive Caddy - 0Y796F Compatible for Listed Dell PowerEdge 14-15th Gen. Servers
0Y796F Tray

12-Pack - 3.5" Hard Drive Caddy - 0Y796F Compatible for Listed Dell PowerEdge 14-15th Gen. Servers

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  • README FIRST: The same PowerEdge server type can have two different sizes of the drive bay. Your server HAS TO HAVE 3.5 inches Hot-Plug Drive Bay. This 3.5 inch Drive caddy supports ONLY 3.5-inch hard drives. Check that your PowerEdge Server or Drive Array is LISTED and supported.
  • SUPPORTED 3.5 inch MODELS: PowerEdge 14th Generation R240, R340, R440, R540, R640, R740, R740xd, R740xd2, R6415, R6515 R6525, R7415, R7425, R7515, R7525; XC Series appliances XC640-10, XC740xd-12 and C6420 Enclosure, Precision 3930 Rack and 7920 Rack.
  • WORKDONE BRIGHT LED: This new innovation makes hard drive indicator lights brighter. The server backplane has activity LEDs and LED signal lights are transferred special plastic rail to the front of drive caddy. Indicator lights tell important status from the hard drive. Hard drive activity indicator green and hard drive status indicator - green and amber are now cleaner and brighter. (compared typical aftermarket products - green light in the pictures are just an illustration)
  • READY TO INSTALL: WORKDONE hard drive trays include all the screws and hardware you need to install. We make our 14th Generation server trays with sturdy material, inspect each one individually, and carefully pack them for safe shipping. NON-OEM/NON-ORIGINAL ACCESSORY PART; Compatibility with part numbers X7K8W, 0X7K8W, Y796F and 0Y796F

    14-15th Generation:

    PowerEdge R240 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R340 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R440 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R540 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R640 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R740 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R740xd tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R740xd2 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R6415 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R6515 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R6425 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R6525 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R7415 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R7425 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R7515 tray 3.5
    PowerEdge R7525 tray 3.5

    XC Series appliances:
    XC640-10 tray 3.5
    XC740xd-12 tray 3.5
    C6420 Enclosure tray 3.5
    C6520 Enclosure tray 3.5

    3930 tray 3.5 and 7920 tray 3.5