About Us

Workdone is our name and our goal. We provide the products, support, and assistance you need to get your work done!
Rely on our expertise in DELL PowerEdge server systems and Storage systems to help you find the right components and get them installed correctly for maximum power and efficiency. With Workdone, you will easily get your work done!

Are you a PowerEdge Hard Drive Caddy re-seller?

No, we have our own production under an WORKDONE-brand

What makes your products different than the competitors?

We produce these products ourselves and test them one at a time. Part of our testing procedure involves real servers to be sure our products perform under normal conditions. Our clients are getting the best products available anywhere.

What is included with your products?

Our PowerEdge Caddy for Hard Drives come with:

  • All necessary mounting screws

  • Sticker label sheets - two different type

  • Screwdriver

  • Detailed printed installation manual and PDF-online

  • Worry-free 4-year warranty

I'm not sure which product i need to fit my PowerEdge server. Can you help?


Check out the information on our website.  If that you need additional help, just email: support@workdone.biz 

We’re here to help!