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You've Installed Dell PERC RAID, But the Controller Can't See and Use the Installed Hard Drives! This issue can cause support workers to grow a lot of gray hairs. Everything might look perfect, but for some reason, it’s not working. When you boot the server, there doesn’t seem to be a problem – until the disks don’t spin and there are no indicator lights to be seen. How can you avoid this headache? Check the carrier frames. Make sure the hard drive is in place properly. If there’s no connection between the hard drive and the backplane, there might as well be no hard drive. Read whole article.....

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Is Your Hard Drive Missing a Few Screws?

Dell Optiplex, Precision, and “non hot-plug” standalone server models have a flexible blue plastic 3.5 inch hard drive frame – with no screws required. The rest of the Dell PowerEdge server models require screws to attach the hard drive to the hard drive frame, which makes life a little more difficult for us. It might sound ridiculous, but one of the most common problems we see is missing mounting screws, or screws that are simply thewrong size. And, obviously, without the proper screws, you can’t install your hard drive. CONTINUE READING....  

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Type of Dell PowerEdge Hard Drives?

Serial ATA (SATA):  These are the basic hard drives in Dell PowerEdge servers. These have a few advantages over the older parallel ATA, including reduced cable size and cost, native hot-swapping, and faster, more efficient data transfer. SATAs are the cheapest drives, but their MTBF (mean time between failures) isn’t great. Most of the time SATAs fail on basic Dell server systems. Near Line SAS:  These are enterprise SATA drives with an SAS interface, head, and media, and the rotational speed of traditional enterprise-class SATA drives with the fully capable SAS interface typical for classic SAS drives. Near Line SAS drives provide better performance and reliability than SATA drives. Basically, this drive is a hybrid between SATA drives and SAS...

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