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Pretty good!

I've purchased, and used, a ton of drive trays from different sources over the years. OEM trays always work great. Everything else is a gamble, some are ok, some are garbage. Often they are sold as new, but are actually used. I've grown tired of trying to find good trays....

.... And these trays are actually great. They fit, they are NEW, they don't get stuck or hung up when you insert them, the holes are in the right place, and the indicator lights work correctly. They come in a protective box, they have the correct type of screws - and they include FIVE, not four, because they know that I will drop them on the ground. They may be made in China, and they may cost a bit more, but at least with these trays you are getting a consistently good product.

I will definitely buy these again.

Fully compatible as described at a reasonable cost.

I have ordered several WORKDONE Hard Drive caddies. The units have always fit perfectly for the servers described. Each box comes with screws and screwdriver to install the hard drives. Excellent products.

Work great in DELL T440 Server

Bought these for a new DELL T440 Server where I didn't want to spend for the overpriced DELL drives. This part is difficult or impossible to get from DELL, but these look exactly like the ones that come with the server - all the lights are functional and the correct color and the fit into the chassis is spot on. Could not be happier.

Qualität, Preis und Handhabung Top

Die hiergelieferten „WORKDONE 6er-Pack - FP Caddy“ kommen gut und sicherverpackt an. SämtlicheEinschübesindnochmals extra verpackt und meistmitmehrschraubenausgestattetals man braucht.Die MitgelieferteKurzanleitung, enthält die wichtigstenInformationen die man braucht.Qualitativist das alleshiersehrhochwertig und sauberverarbeitet. Die Festplattenhabensichmit dem MitgeliefertenSchraubendrehenproblemlosfestschraubenkönnen.

Es passen 3.5“ Laufwerkeaberauch 2.5“ Laufwerke in die Einschübe. SATA, SAS und SSD alleskein Problem.Die LED's die einem den Status anzeigenfunktionierentadellos. Auch lassensich die Einschübe so einschieben, da haktnichtsnochspürt man einenwiderstand.

Es gibt das ganze je nachBedarfmit der PassendenAnzahl von Einschüben. Der Preisistdefinitivgerechtfertigt. Auch die 4-jährige Garantiezeigt, dass man von seinemProduktüberzeugtist.Hierbekommt man zueinemgutenPreis, QualitativhochwertigeFestplatten-Caddysfür Dell PowerEdge Server 14.-15. Generation.

Se sientenrobustos

Estasbandejas para discos duros son compatibles con los servidores Dell EMC PowerEdge, que no originales.Los tornillos para fijar los discos a la bandejaextraiblevienenincluidos, cinco por cada caddy por si se pierdealguno. Una vez montados se sienten muy sólidos y se ven bien acabados, para meterlos y sacarlos muchas veces sin problema.

En el frontal, ademas del botón de extracción, hay LEDs que indican el estado del disco y sitieneactividaden ese momento.Este es un pack de 12 unidadesmuy bien presentadasen la caja y que cuentan con un embalaje que los protege lo suficiente para el transporte. La cajatambiénincluye una guía dice instalaciónrápida y un destornillador, cumplesufunciónpero para mi gusto es un poco pequeño.

Does the job just as good as stock.

This is probably the best quality and reasonably priced caddy I’ve seen on the market. They look somewhat identical to the Original Dell OEM products, but these are a fraction of the price. They fit well and worked with no issues. Similar aftermarket trays are more than double the price and the Dell ones will be even more expensive too.

There is screws for all types of installation. The 3.5 adapter is very robust and most importantly, when installing the disc, it stiffens the caddy as if a normal 3.5-inch disk was installed. I used it with both 3.5” SSD and mechanical drives and it fits perfectly. It's almost identical to the original.

In conclusion for the price you are getting a solid piece of kit just as good as OEM not to mention a fraction the price. Couldn’t recommend enough.